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Our main products is cable barriers. We specialize in highway cable barriers. Highway cable barriers consisit of steel wire rope for highway and highway tools. Our factory takes pride in its technical expertise, advanced equirement, good management, and cost-effectiveness for the production of premium-quality products..We receive a good reputation from domestic and abroad. We also produce many kinds of different steel wire rope, whice are supplied to the plants of wire mesh factories. We also supply highway tools, such as hardware for cable barriers, traffic signal and traffic lights. Our cable barriers can be installed on both sides of highways, railways and bridges; or used for safety protection purpose at aireports, seaports and ferry piers. Compared with the traditional products, the characteristics of our cable barriers include rust resisitance, elasticity/flexibility, impact resisitance, and ability to withstand snow loads and wind loads. There are lots of advantages of our cable barriers. First of all, Cable barriers can prevent injuries resulting from secondary collisions. Secondly, The risk for drivers and passengers to be exposed to life-threatening accidentscan therefore be reduced. Drivers would have a better field of vision, thereby reducing eye strain.

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