Most of our good quality cable barriers are used for highway, village roads, mountain roads, etc. Our cable barriers products to good quality, safety, have a field of vision features, selling in domestic and international markets, also won the trust of domestic and foreign customers. The expressway cable barriers are much more beautiful and comfortable than the  traditional guardrail. Expressway safety rope is so strong and elastic that can avoid some deadly accident.


There are many advantages as following:

Firstly, less impact on accident.

Secondly, less metal usage, and less cost.

Thirdly, can be reused after accident.

Fourth, keep clean(no snow, dust etc.)

Fifth, a good view to install in open scenic area.

Test results confirm that the 6*7-8.0 steel wire rope that we produce is in compliance with the national standard “GB8198-2006”. The thickness of the zinc layer is greater than 110g and the endurance level is between 1670~1860, which is customizable by the user. The steel wire rope shows significant properties of softness and smoothness, and does not easily get entwined. It can readily be processed further for the production of slope stabilization wire mesh.



   We also supply some road gadgets and accessories products for road, such as sign road, reflectives, lighting equipments, etc. The road accessories  make the road much more safety.




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